Our Leadership Academy is comprised of ambassadors and spokespersons that complete media interviews as a way to provide hope to those that have been bullied, those going through depression, and those that are suffering with low self esteem. One of the ways our advocates reach people is through media interview while sharing their personal testimony. The purpose of our media interviews is to show that no matter how bad it is (the trauma, the pain, the situation) that it will get better as it has for each of our advocates. We thank all of our media supporters for raising awareness and for breaking the silence for those that need it most.

A partial list of our USA Media Coverage below:
Read the Cherry Hill Sun a New Jersey newspaper interviewing Olivia McMullen our NY Ambassador. 
Read the Macomb Daily Newspaper interviewing our Michigan Ambassadors, Sarina Daenzer and Julia McMillan. 
Read the WHAS11 News article. 
Read WBIB highlighting our Indiana outreach event: 9th Annual International Fashion Show. 
Watch the NBC 5 Chicago News Segment here. See the article here. 
Read the Kentucky Monthly newspaper highlighting our Kentucky Ambassador Shanna McClung. 
Read the Carroll County Comet newspaper highlighting our Indiana Spokesperson Nallely Garcia. 
Watch 10TV with our Ohio Chapter: Sheila Ross, Gordon Ross, Cindy Correus, and Oliviah Martin. 
Read JS Online newspaper highlighting our Wisconsin Ambassador Nancy Steinle. 
Read WiscNews highlighting our first ever Wisconsin Ambassador Lindsey Heintz. 
Read the Windy City Media Group highlighting our non profit organization.
Read the Via Times newspaper featuring our founder Sherrie Gearheart. 
Read ABC9 Channel News article highlighting our Iowa Ambassador.
Read The Enterprise Bugle Newspaper highlighting Illinois Ambassador Sophia Tapia.  

A partial list of our International Media Coverage below:
Read the Irish Newspaper Headstuff interviewing our founder Sherrie Gearheart. 
Read the Presencia PR Newspaper highlighting our Puerto Rico Ambassador, Itzetl Juarbe. 
Read Ondine Magazine an Ireland publication highlighting our 2nd Irish Fashion Show for LOLC. 
Read the Irish Sun highlighting our founder Sherrie Gearheart. 
Read the Daily Mail 24 a newspaper in Bangladesh highlighting our fashion show fundraisers. 
Read the Vernon Morning Star Article interviewing our Canadian Ambassador, Samantha Sewell.
Read CastaNet a Canadian newspaper interviewing Samantha Sewell. 
Read Big News Network an Ireland based newspaper highlighting our founder Sherrie Gearheart.
Read Front Page Africa highlighting our mission trip to Liberia and partnership with BRYF.  
Read the Liberian Foreign Ministry article highlighting Gearheart’s Press Conference in Liberia. 

Founder Sherrie Gearheart meeting with the African Union leader while in Liberia.

Small Highlight of our Newspaper Coverage:

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