Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the values of core character development and to eradicate bullying.  

We believe that dreams are meant to be lived. Bullying, peer pressure, and other factors can cause low self esteem and unhealthy choices thus causing youth and adults to veer from their path to success. The Leadership Academy not only serves the members that partake in our 12 week training program but also aims to serve community members through our school programs and outreach events that each worldwide advocate orchestrates. 

Who We Are

The Leadership Academy has trained over 150 advocates for the Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) a non profit organization focused on suicide prevention, anti bullying, and core character development. LOLC was founded in 2010. The academy has become the most fundamental program offered through LOLC. The Leadership Academy was founded in 2013 as a way to expand youth and adult empowerment. Be sure to join us! And check out our school programs.

Meet the Founder
Sherrie Gearheart founded Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) in 2010 after losing her childhood friend to suicide. Since 2010, LOLC has educated millions of individuals globally on the signs of depression and suicide prevention. She has appeared on NBC5 Chicago News, ABC Iowa news, Lousiville News, and in countless magazines as a charity owner, titleholder, and model. As President of Live Out Loud Charity she produces their annual fashion show in Chicago every year to raise self esteem and confidence in models (real people affected by bullying, depression, low self esteem, and suicide). During the shows she also educates the entire audience on the steps of a suicide intervention so everyone walks away with the knowledge of how to save a life. She produces the largest fashion shows in Chicago and during the Kentucky Derby. She has saved hundreds of lives by doing one on one suicide interventions. Sherrie started a division of LOLC called the Worldwide Leadership Academy in 2013 to inspire, educate, and lead future leaders of all ages.  The primary focus of the academy is to help worldwide advocates eradicate bullying and suicide while encouraging character development. Since 2016, Gearheart has mentored over 150 members in her Leadership Academy and has established grass-root efforts in eight countries including Liberia, Africa a country she has traveled twice to advocating on behalf of mental health during the Ebola Crisis. Gearheart holds over fifteen suicide prevention and mental health certifications and is currently enrolled in the Harvard Extension School for non profit management. She has produced over 120 awareness events as founder of Live Out Loud Charity over the past 9 years. She has met with government officials within Jamaica, Liberia, Philippines, and USA. To learn more about Sherrie Gearheart please visit here.

Board Members
Kris Tapia
Danielle T. Carroll
Angel Simmons

Nallely Garcia- Indiana
John McConnel- Illinois
Amy Amundson- Illinois
Dee Wilgenbusch- Virginia
Lisa Tribuzio- Michigan
Margo Figg- Kentucky 

We are proud to have trained representatives in eight countries. 

We have trained advocates in:
United States
Puerto Rico
The Philippines

The Leadership Academy aims to inspire, educate, and lead future leaders of all ages.

Sherrie Gearheart, 2018
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