School Programs

Core Character Development 
Our Core Character Development (CCD) program is an eight step program focused on youth and adults making their dreams come true. This program was founded by Sherrie Gearheart and focuses on:

       -Character & Value Building
       -Finding a Cause to Believe In: the importance of education and community
       -8 Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True
       -How to Overcome Fear with Affirmations and Positive Thinking
       -The Mirror Exercise for Building Self-Esteem
       -Legacy: How do you want to be remembered? Words have power.

This is our most sought after program and has been presented across the USA, Ireland, Philippines, Liberia, Canada, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and more. This program was created by Sherrie Gearheart, founder of The Worldwide Leadership Academy. Each Spokesperson and Ambassador is trained in our Core Character Development (CCD) program. We can easily incorporate our STAR Anti bullying presentation into the CCD program in a 45 minute to 1 hour format.  We work with different time constraints and also offer a workshop setting where we come in with 2 to 8 mentors or we can present to a small or large classroom and/or an entire school assembly with one presenter. 

STAR Anti-Bullying

STAR Anti-Bullying
STAR (STOP, THINK, AND, REACT) is an anti-bullying program educating elementary students on the different types of bullying, how it effects students around them, and how to stop a bullying situation. We have had much success when presenting this program. We generally showcase the STAR program in conjunction with our Core Character Development seminar listed above. This program was founded by Nicole Harrington, Live Out Loud Charity Spokesperson, after being bullied and later finding her strength and voice. 

Highlights of this school presentation were featured on NBC 5 Chicago News, Making a Difference. 

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